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“As a woman now in my mid 40’s I must reflect back on how the ministry of Kingdom Life pulled me through the trials of life. By simply being approachable and consistent in preaching and teaching the word of God, the ministry fed my spirit and soul week after week, month after month, and year after year. It’s one thing to eat and get full. It is another to live off of the Word and chew and absorb it. Your life will begin to change and grow healthy as you apply the Word to your life. I shared some tender moments with my Pastors and they never repeated it. They loved me through my divorce and protected me through the three months of literally being homeless. I never gave up, I continued to come to service for prayer, and it seemed like I lived at the altar with countless tears feeling as if I was the lady with the issue of blood.

In spite of it all, Kingdom Life demonstrated genuine love, support and care. I was supporting my three daughters by working two jobs for 5 1/2 years. I have since completed my Bachelors Degree and I currently work in the Mental Health Profession teaching youth and adult intervention and life skills to restore their lives while completing my Masters Degree in Public Administration. Kingdom Life has taught me to continue to crawl, walk, run or fly even when I couldn’t see the vision that God had in store for me.”

Artina Hodges

“When I came to KL about 6 years ago I was hurt, confused, and angry and at the point of wanting to give up. If you have never been hurt in a church you won’t understand. After finding out about a previous leader and how dishonest that leader was…it really hurt. One day the Lord spoke to me and led me to Kingdom Life. During that time my son was incarcerated and I was so overwhelmed. But while I attended the woman’s class, God began to set me free. I had so much unforgiveness in my heart. But each week I could feel God healing me more and more. He not only set me free, but He changed my mind set changed as well. Now I can truly say I am free. Since that time I have learned so much about how to live an abundant life. I still have so much to learn. I thank God. Because of the KL Ministry I am a better person.”

Carolyn Mikell

“You will NOT lose your mind” were the words that penetrated my soul during my first visit to Kingdom Life in September 2011. I walked in emotionally and mentally distraught trying to look good on the outside. When I received that message, I internally started thanking God. I was on the edge of emotional destruction. By the time I got to Kingdom Life, I was really in need of emotional healing. My God shall supply all my needs and He did just that when I walked through those doors of Kingdom Life. The Church vision is “Impacting Generations for a Lifestyle of Kingdom Living.” I can say that my Pastors are a wonderful example for the people that observe them on a daily basis. I never want to take for granted what they continuously do for our community and their sheep. I have been resuscitated! Hallelujah. I have a wonderful Spiritual Mother and Father that I love and I know that they love me and have my best interest at heart. I have joy and peace and that is priceless. I honor my Kingdom Life family and thank God daily for their obedience and impact that they have had on my family, but most importantly resuscitating me! Three years ago, I would not have been able to write about my past without crying or feeling heavy burdens and pain but now I can take it and give God the Glory through it because He carried me and graced me through it all and I’m still standing! Much Love…”

Joyce L. Brown

“Back in February 2010, we visited Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship after visiting many other Churches. Before service was over my wife and I knew we had found our future Church home. Since being a member we have grown spiritually. KLCF provided an opportunity for me and my wife to serve which is what we love to do. A highlight of our time at KLCF is when we saw our son accept Christ and become baptized. I received a promotion to the senior Warrant Officer ranks. My wife completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2011 and will graduate with her Masters next month. Our marriage was also blessed and transformed by attending the annual marriage retreat. We are truly dedicated to giving tithes and it has opened up financial blessings that have far exceeded anything we could imagine. More importantly those financial blessing have allowed us to be a blessing to the KLCF body. My fondest memory is during the Easter play in which I was used by God in a way that I had never experienced before. It was very humbling to act the role of Jesus. The night before the play, I did not know all the lines and was very nervous. The play started and I didn’t miss any lines and felt so comfortable that I forgot it was a play. I was filled with unexplainable joy and remembrance. God used that play to demonstrate to me that no matter what the situation is, he is in charge and it is all for his glory. KLCF has touched the life of my family in a way that will have lasting effects for years to come. We are blessed, our families are blessed, and we have absolutely nothing to complain or worry about. We love our KLCF family!”

Laquincy J. Pringle

“When I first came to Kingdom Life, I was broken, torn, and bruised. My daughter, and best friend, died just two months before my first visit and I had only been in Savannah one month. I did not know anyone and was very much in the midst of my grieving process. Something kept pulling me towards Kingdom Life. I lost my hearing and did not go to any church for a few months because I couldn’t hear what was going on in the service. But something kept pulling me towards Kingdom Life and I visited a couple of times before I was blessed with my hearing aids. After visiting for about 1 ½ years, my visits to Kingdom Life became more frequent and the experience was always the same: a greeter greeted me with a smile and a hug; a phenomenal worship experience, and a solid Word from Pastor Roberson.

In July 2013, I was scheduled to present a paper in Ghana, Africa. While that was not my first trip overseas, it would be my first trip without having spiritual covering. The week before I left for Ghana, I prayed and fasted heavily. I didn’t want to leave the United States without being a member of a congregation. The Holy Spirit pulled me to Kingdom Life – and I joined this Ministry. It truly has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Since being at Kingdom Life, I have seen God do magnificent things in my life. Not only have I realized tangible blessings as a result of seeding into Kingdom Life, I have also been supported by members of this congregation in so very many ways. There are numerous other examples of such a giving spirit in this church: the Mother’s Day gas give-a-ways; the Thanksgiving Baskets, the pantry, the partnership with Interfaith Hospitality to provide temporary lodging for the homeless, etc. We at Kingdom Life are so blessed to have Pastor Roberson’s spirit leading us and as he is, so shall we be! What more can I say? I praise God daily for placing me at Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship.”

Maxine L. Bryant

“I came to Savannah with my three kids 8 ½ years ago from Ohio. I was fresh out of college and freshly divorced after 13 years of marriage. My spirit and heart were broken. I had become hard and hardened on the inside, while masking it on the outside. The love and ministry that I have received at Kingdom Life restored my heart and saved my life. There have been many rough times as a single parent. My youngest son has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, was in and out of the hospital, had weekly therapy, and monthly visits to his specialists in Augusta. The people of KL not only prayed for me, they picked up my kids, gave monetary assistance, prepared dinners, and sometimes just gave me a much needed mommy break. This ministry is love personified. The only way I can repay God for sending me to this place is to offer the same love that was offered to me. To me that is how you truly live a KINGDOM LIFE!”

Azuree Wade

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anaís Nin

Life’s explorations have helped me to navigate to Kingdom Life, a place of tremendous influence. God prompted my heart on the Eve of New Year’s (2013) to get connected properly with this ministry. I didn’t fully understand the connection; however, I knew that the flame was undeniable. I needed both an evolution and revolution within myself, and I received it as soon as I walked into the sanctuary. Pastors Charles and Yolanda took time to nurture me, and had only known of me 2 weeks. For that, I am eternally gratefully, and I am sure that they are indeed my Spiritual Covering. The Apostolic Grace that hovers over them is trickling down, and I stand in a posture to receive the mantle. An awesome Legacy is being made at Kingdom Life, and God has afforded me the opportunity to be apart of this Dynasty. What an Honor! My transition to Savannah has been amazing, because I have leaders with a servant’s heart. I have expanded and blossomed so much, since being under the tutelage of The Roberson’s! The First Messages I heard from them were so timely, entitled, “Grace Equals Confidence,” (9/15/13) and “Grace To Get Out Of The Boat,” (9/22/13). I hold those messages near and dear to my heart, because they help me to walk with Godly Authority as I pursue my dream as a Fashion Designer. I’ve witnessed their Marketplace Ministry, so I vow to carry that same glory into mine! Kingdom Blessings!”

Jamese Patterson

The kingdom life ministry does just what the name says. Kingdom life teaches you how to live a kingdom life here on earth. A life that is so different and influential that not only will the generations of your family be impacted and prepared for a lifestyle of kingdom living but all those who are connected to you. You will also see yourself having an impact upon other individuals that you come in contact with that are not a part of your family, and you will being to impact them and their family where they too will begin to experience a life style of kingdom living for the rest of their earthly and heavenly life.

I have currently served with the United States Army for 5 years and 5 months. What that means is that often times we travel to many different places and meet a lot of different people.  When I came to Kingdom Life I knew God and I had a relationship with God but it was not a personnel relationship. Well what do I mean by that? Well simply that I knew him and I cared about him, but I don’t think that I really loved him as I do now. In life we have relationships but we have very few personnel and intimate relationships. Through the pastoral leadership of pastor Charles Roberson, Yolanda Roberson, and the family and ministry of kingdom life Christian fellowship they have taught me how to have an intimate, impactful, and significant relationship with God. How did they do this? Well the first and most important thing that this family did was LOVE me.

Tiffany  C. Lovelace

When I visited Kingdom Life CF where this became my new church home, I remembered during praise and worship just crying uncontrollably as God was allowing me to release all the hurt and bitterness I was holding in my heart. I remember Pastor Charles P. Roberson Sr. saying to me “God is giving you a new start!” After that I begin to experience God’s love from the love of others that helped me to learn how to love others no matter how they would treat me. The journey I was on in Savannah was for revival, restoration and reaping for me and my family so we could return back home better then when I left. I realize God’s love is power! We say we love people but we don’t demonstrate it properly. Just like they say, “Knowledge is power so is LOVE too!”

LaJuanza Simmons-Horne